Maybe you often find laundry detergent products that have green, organic or natural slogans. But does all that make the product really good for the environment? The answer is “no.”

Why? The reason is, we can’t really be sure that a product is an environmentally friendly product just from its appearance or slogan. You have to pay attention to the ingredients used in these detergent products.

To make it easier for you to choose eco-friendly sustainable laundry soap, here we provide a complete review on choosing the best eco-friendly detergent.

The First Factor is Cost

The first way is to calculate the cost per load. So you have to calculate the cost of the detergent in each load. For example, if the laundry detergent costs $11.99 and can be used to wash 40 loads, it has a cost of $0.30 for each load. So, choose sustainable laundry soap that has the lowest cost per load.

Consider The Type

Natural organic laundry detergent has several types. Among these are powder, pods, and liquid. Powder type laundry detergent is more suitable for cleaning sticky stains. However, powder detergent tends to clump when used in cold water, so you must add the detergent before adding clothes and warm water.

Meanwhile, liquid detergent usually has a twist-shaped lid that can be used as a measuring cup. This type of detergent is very effective for removing small particles, stains, or for hand washing (manual).

Well, if you want it to be easier, then you can use a pod detergent that is used for single use. The quantity of this detergent is pre-measured so that the load is evenly measured and it’s easy when you want to throw it away.

Certification and Materials Used

Stay away from hazardous materials such as phosphates, benzene (Dichlorobenzene, formaldehyde, and 1,4 Dioxane/Diethylene Dioxide/Diethylene Ether/Dioxane,). All types of these compounds are proven to cause cancer because they are carcinogens.

If you can’t find the ingredient list on the laundry detergent packaging, then you look for it on the manufacturer’s website or look for a list of safer products on the SaferChoice website. Safe detergent products must carry certifications such as the EPA and ratings from the EWG.

The smell of Laundry Detergent Should Also be Considered

Sustainable laundry soap may or may not contain fragrances. However, for you who are sensitive to fragrances, you still have to pay attention to this one. The reason is, there are long-term effects that will result from the continuous use of perfumed products.