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to achieve an excellent reputation in our respective industry and we want to obtain a strong position in the worldwide market.

We help anyone who needs formulated detergent, from hotels to oil rigs, from cruise to home care industry.

Starting a new home care business or manufacturing your own home care products can be challenging. Why don’t you focus on your business and let us handle the manufacturing? Even Apple Inc. doesn’t manufacture its own iPhones!

CleanDetergent not just a washing detergent manufacturer. We are also softener manufacturer, floor cleaner manufacturer, dishwashing liquid manufacturer, hand soap manufacturer, and even car shampoo manufacturer.

Moreover, our creations are produced according to customers’ requests. Therefore, if you want to start an eco-detergent lable, we can source plant-based, biodegradable raw materials as well.

Consult your home care product ideas with us and let’s find a solution together!

Not just Ordinary Detergent

we cater to your specific requirements
One Stop Homecare Solution

Not only detergent, but we are also capable of producing home care items such as hand soap, floor cleaner, dishwashing soap, as well as fabric softener and odor neutralizer.

100% natural ingredients

Want to start an eco friendly detergent or hand soap brand? We'll concoct your plant-based detergent formula!

Potent Detergent

Develop a highly concentrated, powerful detergent solution to beat your competitors with us.

Color & Parfume

Purple liquid laundry detergent? Why not! Exclusive fragrance ? we have it.

Safe for Washing Machine

Not all detergents are the same; our detergent is washing machine-friendly.

Couldn’t find what you are looking for ? Tell us your requirement here.

cleaner world and planet

Our Factory & Eco Solution in Indonesia

If you want your cleaning products to have a green undertone, CleanDetergent can make it happen! We strive to create high quality products with reasonable pricing. Our factory have been audited by TÜV Nord with a more than satisfactory result.

To create an eco-friendly detergent solution, all raw materials must be plant based and biodegradable. This solution is safer for the environment, especially marine life, compared to petroleum-based detergents.

Here in CleanDetergent, we believe that environmentally friendly solution must not cost a fortune. Since our factory starts its operation in 2010, our products have been distributed to offshore platforms, hotels, hospitals, launderers, etc. A greener future must be a part of the next generation’s life.

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Our plant-based solution

Delivering Special Formula

We have a special detergent formula for every needs.

Our sports formula effectively tackles odour caused by sweat and bacteria. You can also water your plant with our planet-friendly, detergent waste. 

Our marine formula are perfect for offshore oil rigs and ships, as its disposed water waste will not harm marine life.  

Most importantly, CleanDetergent as an OEM plant based detergent manufacturer in Indonesia works with minimal mechanical intervention. Powerful cleaning performance can indeed come hand-in-hand with plant-based solution. 

our Sample Detergent Product

Below are our latest product in the market for our happy company and customers. 

Why not make your own product with us and make your customers happy.

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