Choosing a detergent factory and the best product to wash clothes with can be very tricky, especially if you want to use it for a laundry business. Not to mention choosing between the types of detergent offered, prices, scents, etc. This will need careful thought since what you buy will also affect the washing quality of the clothes as well as your laundry business in the long run. Let’s find out the best laundry detergent factory products for your needs on the following page.

Types of Laundry Detergent

When it comes to choosing the rightest detergent for your laundry business, knowing what type of detergent to choose is critical. You need to keep in mind that when it comes to detergent, it is not only about keeping color bright and removing stains. The wrong type of detergent chosen will damage the clothes, even the laundry machine.

Generally speaking, laundry detergents fall into three classifications. They are in powder, liquid, and single-dose forms. Even though there are actually four different types of detergent. 

Can be easily found in a detergent liquid manufacturer, this type of detergent is known to be very effective on greasy clothes. Liquid detergents are also great for removing oily stains. If you need something for a pre-treater for stain removal, liquid detergents will also be a suitable option to take.

Not only that but liquid detergents can also dissolve quickly. They are best used for front- and top-load washers.

However, there is a common problem often associated with liquid detergents. It is overdosing. Most of the time, people found out that they use too many liquid detergents per load when washing clothes. That makes it a bit wasteful. Liquid detergents have a tendency to leave residue on clothes.

Basically, you will only need about 3 tablespoons of liquid detergent at max for washing. You might only need 2 tablespoons for most average full loads, or even less. Due to the tricky measurement, make sure that you use a shot glass to get the right amount of the liquid detergent.

Detergent manufacturer companies are used to provide a lid on the liquid detergent bottle of the same size as a shot glass. It fits approximately 1 oz of liquid detergent. The measurement usually equals two tablespoons. A quite similar thing is also applied by dishwashing liquid bottle manufacturers.

Compared to liquid detergents, using powder detergents per load for washing is usually cheaper. If you have issues with budgeting, this detergent type can be a great temporary solution. You might also cut costs if you buy the product from bulk washing powder suppliers. If you have ground-in dirt or mud stains on your clothes, this type of detergent can help to remove them effectively. 

However, you’ll likely find an issue with powder detergents during the cold months of the year. This is because cold water will avoid the detergent from completely dissolving from your clothes. To tackle this issue, you can put 3 cups of water in a large mason jar.

Then, add a ¼ powder detergent from your favorite detergent factory. Close the jar and don’t forget to shake it. Once the powder detergent and water mix thoroughly, you can pour the mixture into the washing machine. This will provide you with a no-mess, easy, and fast solution to the powdery residue issue.

Make sure that you always put powder detergent in the washing machine prior to adding water and clothes. If the detergent leaves residue on the clothes, using it along with a quart of hot water can be very helpful. But, keep in mind that you put the mixture of the hot water and detergent into the washer drum directly before starting the laundry. If you use a front- and top-load washer, this detergent type from washing powder suppliers can also work perfectly.

If you need a simple and convenient option for cloth washing, single-dose packs and tablets are perfect. However, compared to other types of detergent on the list, single-dose packs tablets are more expensive. You might need at least two packs to wash really dirty clothes.

Two packs are also common usage if you need to wash extra-large loads. This is because single-dose packs are aimed at an average-size load. If you run a laundry business, this might add costs to the operation. Not only that but this type of detergent can be dangerous if you have small children or vulnerable adults at home. The package of the detergent is often mistaken for candy.

Detergents with an HE symbol can be applied to all water temperatures. Not only that but most standard washers now are designed for HE detergents. However, it is important to keep in mind that most liquid and powder detergents now come in ultra or concentrated forms. So, make sure that you read instructions on the private label detergent manufacturers carefully to find out the correct amount per load needed for washing clothes.

Laundry Soaps VS Detergent: What Is the Difference?

Though both are for cleaning, the laundry soaps and detergents are basically different. Laundry soaps are usually a more natural option for washing clothes. It is due to the fatty acids used to make the soaps.

Meanwhile, detergents you can find from wholesale detergent suppliers are usually synthetic products. Manufacturers usually use surfactants to create detergent. The material is aimed to enable the products to trap dirt on clothing and then remove it. While laundry soaps are considered more environmentally-friendly, detergents are more effective when it comes to cleaning.

Combining Laundry Detergents

To get better results, some people choose to combine several types of detergents at once. Most of the time, combining detergents is aimed to do two jobs. For instance, you use the combination of a detergent with color-safe bleach or fabric softener.

This practice tends to improve the performance of the detergent, cleaning the clothes better. However, some people might think that it adds additional costs and is unnecessary. The good news is that many detergent products now come with fabric softeners and color-safe bleach in their formula. So, make sure that you do your research to find out if the detergent factory you choose also provides this option.