If you are looking for an alternative to regular laundry detergent, you might find eco friendly washing pods. This detergent type can be considered one of the largest trends in the world of laundry. The first introduction of this product was in 2012 and it has become more and more popular since then.

Let’s find out more about this detergent product that comes in small packets.


You can find some brands that offer laundry pods, such as Purex, Persil, and Tide. The eco friendly washing pods come as water-soluble packets of detergent for laundry. The detergent in the pods is pre-measured and concentrated.

The same ingredients used for detergent from plastic jugs are used for the washing pods, as well. However, the pods come with only 10% of water while the jug has up to 50% of water content. As for the chemical ingredients, you can find a long list of them in any kind of liquid detergent, including washing pods.


Some people think that laundry pods are great because of some reasons. They love this environmentally friendly laundry detergent because it is easy to handle and store washing pods with its lightweight and compact form.

This type of detergent is super convenient to use. You can use it right away without having to measure or pour the liquid. The washing pods are pre-measured and that is why there is no need to worry about wastage. The waste can also be kept to a minimum because the detergent is packed in small packets.

The cleaning result will bring satisfaction to anyone because the washing pods come with a stable formula. There is no more messing laundry experience when using washing pods, after all.


Using laundry pods might come with various benefits, but you must not forget to consider their drawbacks, as well. Compared to other laundry detergent options, washing pods come with the most expensive price. Because the pods are pre-measured, the detergent content might be too much or too little for some loads.

You cannot use the washing pods for washing pretreat stains. The outer packaging is made from nonrecyclable material and they also pose poisoning hazards in households that have children and pets.

You can find that the eco friendly washing pods are the best choice for you if you wash smaller laundry loads more frequently. However, laundry pods will not be the best choice for big loads, as well as, heavily soiled clothes washing.