Plant-based product has entered various product categories we use every day, including plant based laundry detergent. Have you ever tried this unique laundry detergent? If you have no experience using this detergent for washing your clothes, you have come to the right place. Here, we will tell you what you need to know about this new trend in the laundry detergent category.  

Plant-Based Laundry Detergent

What is Plant-Based Laundry Detergent?

As its name implied, plant-based detergent is a detergent made of the majority of natural ingredients. The natural ingredients here come from plants. Therefore, people also call it all natural plant based laundry detergent. But, here is the question. Does this laundry detergent work?

Does Plant-based Laundry Detergent Work?

Plant based detergent does work to clean stains and dirt on your clothes. However, do not think that this detergent works much better than traditional laundry detergents. Some of the traditional laundry detergents even have better performance than the plant-based ones. 

Therefore, it works like usual laundry detergent. But, if you want to use it to replace your traditional laundry detergent with an expectation of getting a better result, you shouldn’t do that. So, is there anything that makes it better than traditional laundry detergent?

Benefits of Using Plant-Based Laundry Detergent

It is not limited to detergent. You also can get more benefits from using plant based dishwasher detergent than traditional soap or detergent. Here are some of them:

Do you know why you have to wear washing gloves when you do the dish? The chemical inside the detergent and soap harms your skin. One of the common side effects you can get is Eczema. Furthermore, synthetic detergent contains many petroleum by-products chemicals, such as Sodium Laureth SulphatesPhosphates BenzenesSynthetic fragrancesFormaldehyde, and Chlorine. All of them can harm your skin and worsen your existing skin problem.

Natural plant based laundry detergent use all-natural ingredients, which means it has no side effect like synthetic detergent with those chemicals substance. You can use it safely. Even if you use it to clean your children’s clothes, the clothes won’t be affected by any chemical substance that can harm your children’s health.

Can you imagine what kind of thing will happen if a substance that causes harm to your body is thrown away into the environment? It will surely damage the environment. You must hear a lot about the polluted river that changes river water into toxic and kill the fishes, plants, and other creatures that live there. That happens because of excessive usage of chemical-based detergent.

How about plant based liquid detergent? The ingredient is biodegradable. It is easy to recycle and degraded by bacteria in nature. It also came from a similar material from nature, which is plants. In short, this detergent is safe for the environment.

Yes, some chemical-based detergents might have better performance to clean certain types of dirt or stain. However, in general, the plant-based one works much better. Why? 

The chemical-based detergent contains chemical ingredients that have a harsh effect. It does remove the stain, but it also puts damage to the fabric. You won’t see it immediately, in most cases. But, if you use it for long period, you will notice your clothes’ fabric is getting thin and fragile. 

Plant based laundry detergent is different. It has no corrosive properties like chemical ingredients. It might doesn’t work as fast or efficiently as a chemical one. But, it can do the job well and prolong your clothes’ lifespan.  

Furthermore, chemical-based detergent requires a higher temperature to activate its magic. That means it has a higher risk to damage the fabric, especially the soft and sensitive fabric, because of the high-temperature washing process. Plant based washing liquid doesn’t need that. It can work well in low temperatures. So, it can clean in the safest possible way.

What kind of scent that you think is good for your clothes? Is it a flowery scent? Most detergent products have this scent, which makes people think that this is a good scent for clothes after washing. But, that’s not completely true.

Many chemical-based detergents add a strong flowery fragrance to cover the chemical scents on them. They even add more of it to ensure that you won’t notice or feels uncomfortable with it. It is different for plant based washing powder. Many plant-based detergents don’t have this strong fragrance. Yet, you can feel the freshness of the clothes after you wash them using this detergent from its natural scent.

However, if you love the flowery scent of your detergent, you also can find plant based dish soap with the flowery scent. The difference is the strength. The natural scent from this detergent feels soothing and fresh. It feels more natural than the scent of chemical-based detergent. Therefore, you can enjoy it the whole day without feeling suffocated by its scent.

We often add more detergent to our washing machine for cleaning more clothes. The truth is the opposite. If you add more detergent, it only adds a more filmy texture that sticks to your clothes fabric. Plant based liquid laundry soap needs fewer amounts of detergent because it comes in concentrated form. Therefore, you can save more products and reduce the pollution from its container.

As we mentioned earlier, plant-based detergents need low temperatures to work well. It means your washing machine uses less energy to wash the clothes. It doesn’t use extra energy to increase the temperature of the water. That means you also can save more electricity usage. You can save more electricity bills with the best plant based laundry detergent.


Plant-based detergent has more benefits, which makes it a much better choice than chemical detergent. Moreover, you also can save more money by using this type of detergent. More importantly, it is safe for the environment and your health. So, buy the plant based laundry detergent now!