a plant based detergent. This condition is affected by the global pandemic. It cannot be denied that the pandemic makes people turn their head to healthy well-being. So, today’s customers are more detailed in choosing products they consume and use.

Further, people now switch to using plant based laundry detergent. Plant-based detergents offer some benefits that regular detergents cannot offer. Plant-based detergents combine the strengths of nature and technology so that they are capable of optimally cleaning stains on clothes as well as being safe for sensitive skins because these detergents have been dermatologically tested.

Plant-based detergents contain no chlorine, parabens, phosphate, and other harmful chemicals, which become the best solution for those who look for an eco-friendly laundry detergent. Parabens and chlorine will be harmful for someone with sensitive skin. Plant-based detergents does not contain these allergens so that it will not make the skin itchy or feel burning.

The active ingredients of plant-based laundry detergents mostly come from palm oil-based surfactants. Therefore, such a detergent is soft and gentle to the skin. However, manufacturing plant-based detergents can be challenging because it needs the use of technology as well. Manufacturers should be creative in formulating the product so that it can deliver good performance.

For example, how they can replace parabens that function as a preservative. Most people think that powerful detergents are those that produce a lot of foam. In fact, it is not like that. Some studies showed that there is no correlation between the foam and how great the detergent is in cleaning stains on clothes.

In fact, foam can pollute the environment. Plant based detergent produces less foam than regular detergents. This is why plant-based detergents are easy to rinse to save you water. Saving water means saving the planet. In order to say a certain detergent is eco-friendly or not, a clinical test is needed.

Each product of natural detergent should go through the government’s clinical test. When the government states that the ingredients contained in a certain detergent are safe, then you can choose it without a doubt. Just make sure that the detergents contain low or no allergens and chemicals like phosphate, natrium hydroxide, SLS, EDTA, artificial colours, and others.

So, are you ready to switch from regular detergents to a plant based detergent to save the environment?