All natural plant based laundry detergent is getting more popular as people are more aware of a healthy lifestyle since the pandemic attacked the world. Besides healthy food, most people now also pay more attention to the daily products they use for the sake of their health. One of the most looked for products is eco-friendly, plant based laundry detergent made of natural ingredients.

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Natural laundry detergents are considered to have their own strengths compared to conventional detergents. These detergents are also considered to work more optimally than others. Apart from being more optimal for health, natural detergents are also safer to use and easily decompose. So, they are more friendly to the environment.

Developed countries like the United States has been using natural ingredients, such as MES or Methyl Ester Sulfonate for its eco-friendly properties. MES is a good replacement for LABSA or Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid derived from petroleum active substances, which can be used up. MES is often used in laundry detergents as they are easy to decompose.

Detergents that contain LABSA can cause the skin to be hot, rough, and even peeled. The solution for this case is using detergents that contain plant-based surfactants made from natural ingredients. For example, vegetable oil, palm oil, and soybeans. These what make detergents become gentler and safer for the skin as well as more friendly to the environment.

Using all natural plant based laundry detergent is the new era of washing clothes because natural detergent products will bring positive impacts on the environment and family health. The awareness of using natural products also becomes one step to live a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. Using eco-friendly detergents is also recommended if you have a baby.

As you know, a baby’s skin is so sensitive. So, as parents, you are not suggested to use laundry detergents that contain harsh chemicals to wash their clothes. Harsh chemicals can cause rash, redness, and itchy. These conditions are surely not comfortable for babies, making them cry all the time.

When choosing laundry detergents for babies, make sure it does not contain allergens, parabens, EDTA, SLS, and artificial colours. Also, it is better to choose one that is free from perfume. It is because perfume can also be an allergen to some babies.

That is what you need to know about plant-based laundry detergents. Start saving our plant with a simple step, using all natural plant based laundry detergent.