Earth Friendly Laundry Detergent: How to Choose?

Now, the environment is in the spotlight. This is because the earth is getting older and causing global warming which has an impact on various environmental problems that can threaten life. Therefore, business people contribute to this by reforming various business lines to make them more environmentally friendly. So, now you can easily find commercial products or processes that are environmentally friendly.

Well, one product that uses an environmentally friendly concept is laundry detergent. Yes, being a product that is widely used, of course many people hope that this product can be safer to use for humans and the environment. Then, how do you choose an earth friendly laundry detergent? Here are the ways.

Ingredients Contained in Laundry Detergent

In fact, the most dangerous ingredients in laundry detergents are phosphates and surfactants, namely NPE or nonylphenol ethoxylates. Not only that, some laundry detergents also contain chemicals derived from petroleum. Of course, that’s a problem.

Surfactants are compounds that carry dirt into micelles which will eventually disappear from clothing. This compound is highly toxic to aquatic species. For this reason, the largest detergent manufacturer in the United States stopped using nonylphenol ethoxylate type surfactants and banned the use of phosphates in detergents.

In order to make the best contribution to environmental safety, detergent manufacturers are now starting to make laundry detergents that are environmentally friendly. Not only that, they also replaced the detergent container with a plastic container that can be recycled. An example is ECOSNEXT which is a natural organic laundry detergent product. The detergent does not contain liquid and contains organic cleaning agents.

Here are The Characteristics of An Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

A good earth friendly laundry detergent does not contain harmful phosphates and surfactants. In addition, these detergents also do not contain dyes and fragrances, so they can reduce the risk of exposure to chemical compounds for humans and the surrounding environment.

Actually, finding harmful chemical compounds in detergents is not easy. The reason is, not all manufacturers add the ingredients on the packaging. However, you can find out what ingredients are used in making this laundry detergent by checking it on the official website of the detergent manufacturer.

In the USA itself, eco-friendly laundry detergent is labeled EPA Safer Choice, making it easier for consumers to distinguish which earth-friendly laundry detergent and which is not. The EPA also provides a list of chemicals that are safe to use, so you can consider buying laundry detergent.


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